Being together in unusual times


Family time has come out of a need for families and young people connected with our Methodist Circuit to meet together while social distancing is in place.

We recognised that there was an opportunity for families to grow in their faith, to support one another, have lots of fun and do something new, outside of their experience. We want Family Time to grow into a life giving and life changing community which makes a difference in the lives of families in and around Stockton.

Furthermore, we wanted to bring those people together, who in our current churches sometimes feel that their needs are not being met. Many of our young people are spread out between congregations. Family Time is an opportunity for them to come together, explore their faith and use their gifts in worship, service, evangelism and learning and caring. We have a responsibility to nurture their faith and their talents as they deepen their discipleship with Christ. In addition, we wanted to bring something of the fun and excitement of being in a dynamic Christian community.

Family Time’s vision is to create something new out of a crisis which will become self sustaining in its relationships and discipleship through faith.