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Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Football was a good place to start on Sunday. We had a bit of a laugh discussing the return of the Premiership, despite the lack of goals for the supporters who joined us on Sunday. I think we'll return to football again, as it's a rich seem.

Talking about inclusion turned out to be an interesting experience, with some cracking answers to the question "What does it mean to be included?": "Feeling equal", "When people let you join in ", "the act of everyone treating everyone fairly in the group, not disrespecting people for things they cannot control". These were not the opinions of the adults, but of the children. I always know that young people have some of the best things to say.

In the story about Philip and the Ethiopian, we were able to talk about how God's great grace is open to everyone, but the clip that stole the show was Forky from Toy Story 4. Thanks to Graham, he explained how Forky's desire to be trash, instead of a toy, spoke volumes about God's love. God doesn't see us as trash, and is constantly trying to rescue us from believing that we are worthless. Like Bonnie had written her name on the bottom of Forky's feet, God through his grace as marked us by name, called us to be special and given us a purpose, no matter who we are. Why not reflect on the message yourself:

Our craft was a bit more of a challenge! Using a Chinese tandgram, to put together different shapes to make a whole, you could see how difference can be included. Why not have a go and see how many different shapes you can make and post your images on the blog? We'd love to see how you got on!

Here's my attempt!

We're challenging people with our Faith@HOME challenge this week to try and include others by donating to their local food bank. What will you take? We'd love to see your photos. For more information about the local food banks in Stockton - click on the link.

and you can always donate at your local supermarket.

Next week, we'll be discussing "Future Church" - so what will church look like in the future? What's important to you? How will the lock down change us? See you soon. God bless xx

Dear God,

You created all people in Your image.

We thank You for the astonishing variety of races and cultures in this world.

Enrich our lives by ever-widening circles of friendship, and show us Your presence in those who differ most from us, until our knowledge of Your love is made perfect in our love for all Your children, through Your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.


Taken from Lutheran Book of Worship: Minister's Desk Edition

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