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On Sunday, we decided to have a go at rewriting the Lord's Prayer. Not that it needs rewriting, but we did wonder what kinds of changes people would come up with. Turns out that (and we knew this) that we have a creative bunch who come to FTUK and they came up with fantastic lines. Using PolEv (my newly discovered piece of tech) we were able to share and reflect what we made:

"Parent all around us,

All praise to you,

Let's live your way of life,

Your wishes be fulfilled

nourish our minds and bodies with your presence.

Forgive us our mess ups

As we forgive others who cause us trouble or discomfort

Help us be kind and good for the rest of our lives

Save us from bad things

Because you are "sick"


Not bad eh for a 4 minute discussion? We also thought about why we need to pray and what it does for us. Was good to see that for some people, prayer is a way of confirming our own faith - we choose to have conversations with God, not just because our parents say so, but because we know that it helps us know our faith is ours, and real.

So what is prayer?

This is what we came up with. PolEv makes a wordle, so the bigger the word, the more times it was posted. Good work everyone!

Prayer is such a huge topic, so I am not sure we really got to the bottom of it, however, I think we all recognised how important it is, not just for our lives but for the life of our community.

So our challenge to you this week is to write down when ever you pray this week. And if you have a version of the Lord's prayer, then have a go at videoing it and sending it in. We'd love to share it with everyone.

We do have more questions that need answering, so why not join us on Wednesday as we go a bit deeper into what the Bible says and our own personal experiences. We pray that you'll get involved so we can help each other.

Have some comments about FTUK? What did you think about Sunday? Register and join in.

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