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Over the red rainbow

Last week we began to open our eyes to the colours around us. On Sunday we had time to look at what we had seen and began to look at what rainbows may mean for us.

This week look a little more at the individual colours

I wonder if you would try this together. One of you could read this out or if you are alone read it first and follow it as closely as you can.

Find a place to be comfortable and get in a comfortable position

Feel your body from head to toe

take your time, don't hurry

notice how it feels

Take a few gentle breaths

Now imagine a rainbow – where you have seen one

trace it shape in your imagination

see the colours how clear they are

notice how they blend together

When you are ready focus on the red part of the rainbow

trace it from one side of the rainbow to the other

do this again as slowly as you can

Notice what the colour makes you think and feel

When you are ready

look again at the whole rainbow

look at all the colours

Think where it is

and then where you are now

Come back to the place where you are and have a walk around

I wonder what you noticed when you thought about the colour red.

Talk with someone about the experience

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