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Is This Normal?

Thank you for those who joined us yesterday for another fun filled, action packed FTUK session. Our theme was the “new normal” exploring how the community in Acts 2:42-47 were transformed from scared and uncertain people to a group who were very radical in their approach to living. It seemed to us that these actions of

  • Eating together

  • Sharing everything

  • Meeting for teaching

  • Praising God

Being good to others are a decent set of actions to live by. As we continue to come out of lockdown, I think lots of families are wondering how they can hold onto some of the closeness of their communities and homes which have developed, whilst not being scared about the future.

Our scavenger hunt and hangman (who knew this was possible on Zoom?!) told the story of some of the tools we need to sustain good relationships with each other and with the communities we live in- food, bible, signs from God, wonder, sharing with everyone. We all had fun trying to find signs and a bit of food!!

The craft was about making a share card… which I hope we’ll see some finished results posted here or on Facebook or Instagram. Who did you make yours for? What did you write? How well was it received? Any videos or photos can be sent to us via FB/ Insta or on WhatsApp. We’d love to see the results!

So what now? We’ll continue to pray for you – and have faith that, like the coke and mints experiment, God exceeds your expectations and that this week, we’ll see him working in yours and my lives and in the lives of those around us.

Feel free to leave your comments here and any pictures or reflections you have about Family Time this week! We’d love to hear from you. Simply register as a member and you can post away!

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