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Heat exchange

Red can be confusing. It can be for things that look opposite. Like anger and love.

Are they opposite or are they connected? What do you think?

We all get angry. What makes me angry is when something that is important to me is threatened or someone gets hurt. I can get very upset and full of energy that makes me want to do something. Does that sound familiar?

That is why red is a good colour for anger all that heat and energy. Getting angry isn't wrong but what we do with it can as we can often hurt others and ourselves.

When we are hurt and angry we need to take a moment to calm down and then think about things and see what we can do to look after ourselves and others. Allow the move across the bow to love.

Jesus got angry. One time he went to the Temple in Jersualem, the most special place for Jewish people and found it was been misused. He was angry and turned over the tables and upset the leaders of the community. Jesus then went away but he was back and talking with people.

This story is told 4 times in the Bible

Matthew 21:12–17, Mark 11:15–19, Luke 19:45–48, John 2:13–16

I wonder what that teaches us? Read and talk to each other

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