Healing and wholeness

Everything you need to know about FTUK for Sunday.

This week at FTUK we’re investigating the story of the first healing that Peter and John did in Acts chapter 3. The story goes that some insignificant bloke who had always begged by the temple, asked them for some money. As the song goes (which I was surprised that some of our younger people DON’T KNOW!) Peter said that silver and gold they had none of, but whatever they did have of God, they would give to the man. “Rise up and walk” was the instruction. And you know what? The man did. So pleased was he, that he went “leaping and jumping and praising God”. Now that would have been a sight to see!

I’m reminded of the pictures of COVID19 patients who have recovered, that sense of relief and joy which comes with recovery. So this week, we’ve got a couple of interviews: firstly from the sister of someone who has had the virus and got better, and secondly from a Methodist Deacon (minister) who has been working shifts in ICU. Don’t miss their powerful stories.

We know though, that not everyone has recovered, and our hearts go out the families where patients who have contracted the virus have died. We stand with you and pray with you. Healing doesn’t always happen in the most obvious of ways, but we believe that God is present through all our pain and suffering, our highs and lows.

But what questions do you have about healing, faith and Jesus? Perhaps like me, it’s what is healing? Have you ever had to make up with someone you fell out with? How does God heal people? Does forgiveness help with healing? We want to have a look and discuss these with our children, as often they are better at answering them than we are as parents! If you fancy having a go – why not register and reply to this post?

So what else will we be doing on Sunday? We’d rather like to use a candle during our reflection time – so find something you can light safely! The craft will be making a healing heart. You’ll need pens, scissors, glue, some paper and card.

And for the silly bits?

A toilet roll and some bandages (if you can lay your hands on some, if not, you may need tea towels.) For smaller people, there are a couple of worksheets to colour in and a puzzle you can do here:

Join us then, for what’s shaping up to be another crazy, but hopefully fabulous session of FTUK!

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