Brave New World

It would seem that we’re heading towards an opening up of our society, economy and communities again. Whilst the virus has not disappeared, the powers at be have decided that it may be safe to start moving towards the “new normal” where face coverings on public transport and the 2 metre rule will become standard.

Another key moment in England is the return of some school aged children back to their classrooms. As a parent of a year 5, 7 and year 9, this is not something that the Day boys are going to be part of, sadly. I say that, because actually, they are missing the routine and rigour of school, education, their friends and peers and their teachers. But how is it then for those who are able to go back? This is a question we want to explore on Sunday, so if you have a school aged child who went back – please do a quick video and drop it into the WhatsApp group on 07483 277694 or email us it at

Going back to school:

There is also another new normal we’re going to be talking about – and that’s in Acts. Because since the Holy Spirit arrived, there has been a sizemic shift in the attitude, capabilities and circumstances, not only of the apolostles (Jesus’ 11 friends), but in the whole community. The members of “the Way” were finding their new way in the way of doing things. We want to see if there’s anything we can learn about supporting people through what they did. Paul and I were discussing this yesterday, and we think the answer to the question is yes! If you want a sneaky peak at the story – it’s here: Acts 2: 42-47

So to help us get our heads round “new normal” we wanted to create something that you can give to someone that talks about the words from this passage. (I can’t tell you what they are yet, as that’s part of our Hangman on Zoom game!!). So we’ve created this hand out, for you to cut out, colour in and give to someone. We’ll be sharing our sharing card on Sunday!

Share card
Download PDF • 310KB

Finally, for the prayer time – since prayer might be one of those things that can help us cope with everything that’s going on, you’re going to need a small (or large, depending on how much mess you want to make!) bottle of cola, a mint sweet (like Trebour or Softmint) and a tray or large container to keep it all in. I can’t say anything more, but we think it might exceed your expectations.

Oh, and did I mention we STILL NEED your news for the Dayly News slot, lots of energy for our songs this week and a bit of a competitive edge… Games, songs and stories as we get to grips with where we’re going, what it’s going to look like and how we are going to support one another as families. See you Sunday!

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