1. Download the template for the share card pdf.

  1. Cut out the front and back and the extra emoticons and rainbow provided. 

  2. Stick the front and the back together and decorate the share card.

  3. Take a photo and share with us on the blog or our FB page!

  4. Fill in the blanks on the card and send it to someone who you think needs to be encouraged.

For more information about the share card, read the blog post here!


Paper Helicopter

  1. Download the paper helicopter sheet here.

  2. Follow the instructions to cut out and fold.

  3. Secure the bottom of the helicopter with a paper clip.

  4. Think about what gifts and talents God has given you. Write these on the wings of the helicopter.

  5. Find a safe place to drop the helicopter from.

  6. As you do, thank God for your gifts and pray that he can help you to use them for the good of others. 

Why not film you dropping your helicopter and send it in to us on the blog or our Facebook Page! We'd love to see what you've done!

For more info on this craft, read the blog:


invisible ink

You'll need:

  • A piece of white card (A4) or thick paper

  • A wax candle (preferably white)

  • Some water based paint. A basic kids water colour set is fine

  • A paint brush

  1. Decide on the message that you are going to create. Write firmly (you can go over the letters a couple of times) onto the paper/ card. 

  2. Draw some decoration around the words - stars, hearts and other marks work well. Be sure to press quite hard.

  3. Make up some watery paint in different colours and wash over the paper.

  4. Watch as your invisible message is revealed. 

Why not send your creations to us via the blog or on our Facebook Page?


family prayer tree

You will need

  • Thin card

  • Person template

  • scissors

  • hole punch (or something to make a hole in card)

  • Colouring pencils/ pens

  • String or thread or wool yarn

  • 4-5 smooth sticks or twigs (nothing with thorns or sharp bits 

  • A vase or jug or jar to put the tree in.


  1. Print onto card the people template, cut out one person per family member. Don't forget the dog/ cat/ other pets and yourself!

  2. Colour in and label each person with their name and add their relationship to you, if you want to.

  3. On the back of each person, think of a prayer that you would like to pray for them. Write this on. Could be as simple as "God bless you" or it could be related to something you know they need help with.

  4. Make a hole (carefully) in the top of each person and tie a length of string or yarn to them, so they hang securely. Make the strings different lengths to make the final effect more interesting. 

  5. Tie the other end of each string to a different twig or stick. Arrange the twigs in a vase or jar. 

  6. Put your prayer family tree in a prominent place so that when you walk past, you'll remember to pray! You can even paint or decorate the twigs with different verses of the Bible to remind you how much God loves you and your family.

Image by Jen Theodore

Grow a sunflower

You will need:

  • A sunflower seed (or two)

  • Some potting compost

  • A flower pot (5cm-7cm across)

  • A saucer

  • Water


  1. Fill the plant pot with potting compost. Don't fill it too full, leave space for watering.

  2. Push the seed in to the compost, about 1.5cm down.

  3. Cover over with the compost

  4.  Place the pot on a saucer on a sunny windowsill and water well

  5. The seed should germinate within 4-7 days. Watch your sunflower grow!

  6. Once the plant has reached 20-30cm tall, it is ready to plant out. Dig a hole in a very sunny spot, and plant the sunflower. Water in well and watch it grow more! When the plant is about 4 foot high, you will need to support it with a beanpole, tied to the stem of the plant. 

Top tip - the best time to sew sunflowers is indoor in March. Plant out in May and you should have a flower by August. Why not have a competition against your family?

emboss 004.jpg

Embossed letters

You will need:

  • A6 piece of card

  • pipe cleaner or string

  • foil

  • PVA glue

  • permanent marker pens (sharpies) to decorate


  1. Using the string or pipe cleaner, make the shape of the letter that you want to emboss - Eg J, E, S, U or S. Lay this onto the card and stick on with PVA glue.

  2. Brush more PVA over the card and letter and carefully place the foil over the top. Using your finger, smooth down the foil over the card and string so that the letter stands out. Take care when going over the raised part of your design, not to break or tear the foil.

  3. Decorate around the letter with permanent marker pens.


Foot prayers

You will need:

  • The foot template on paper or

  • A piece of A4 paper and a pen or pencil

  • Scissors

  • Pens and crayons to decorate


  1. Print out the foot template or alternatively get someone to draw aroud your foot. Cut out the foot shape.

  2. Think about who in your family or friends needs some help or service. Write their names on one side of the foot.

  3. Turn the foot over and write a prayer for them. Try to include a way which you would help them.